Send E-Mail from custom entities in CRM 4

A load of customers are still running CRM 4 and still manage to come up with problems I can’t just find solutions to with Google!

This time it was automatically populating the To: field of a new email when initiated from a custom entity. In this case, the custom entity has a related Contact but would work just as well with an associated Account or User. Unfortunately you can’t just have it send directly to a email address without some fancy plugin footwork – it has to be a CRM record.

I have a plugin which attaches any files from notes to the email when it gets sent so I suppose this could be extended to support plain-text email addresses. Maybe one day I’ll get around to documenting it here – trying to keep the blog focussed on CRM 2011 as much as possible.

Yet again, this requires Daniel Cai’s excellent CRM Web Service Toolkit.

var regarding = crmForm.all.regardingobjectid.DataValue;
if (regarding) {
   if (regarding[0].type == 10038) {

    var venueId = regarding[0].id;

    var fetchXml = [
    "<fetch mapping='logical' count='1'>",
      "<entity name='msa_eventvenue'>",
        "<attribute name='new_contactid' />",
          "<condition attribute='msa_eventvenueid' operator='eq' value='" + venueId + "' />",

    var fetchData = CrmServiceToolkit.Fetch(fetchXml);
    if (fetchData.length > 0) {

      var lookupObject = new Object; = fetchData[0].getValue("new_contactid"); = fetchData[0].getValue("new_contactid","name");
      lookupObject.typename = "contact";

      var lookupObjectArray = new Array();
      lookupObjectArray[0] = lookupObject; = lookupObjectArray;


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